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Inez Doe has a natural talent for transforming manes. Whether It be creating that "it" look for the business savvy career woman, styling models for high fashion runway shows or the trendy college girl on a budget, her innate ability to whip hair is amazing.

At the age of 13, Inez Doe began working in a salon back in her hometown, the "hair capital" in Detroit, MI. At an early age, traveling and participating in various hair shows, she closely paid attention to the hair moguls and local stylist of the industry. By the age 16, Inez  peers who had become clients of hers. Even as a college student, She had her hands on the mane of every girl on campus wanting to be "fancifide". Unbeknownst, hair was Inez's affair!

Inez Doe invested into her passion. After obtaining a bachelors degree from Jackson State University, Inez excelled in the cosmetology program at Virginia College Cosmetology. She has displayed her talents in local hair shows, has given back to the community through mentorship and donating handmade wigs to cancer foundation. Inez  has built a client base in the Jackson, MS area as connoisseur of weavology, as well as a demand on the  social network scene for her Fancii JuNk CuRlZ.  Inez is the creative visionary behind U Fancii Beauty Bar LLC, also a distributor of  U Fancii Brazilian hair weft. Inez Doe's work has begun to flower. Sitings of her talent appear in the Denim Magazine and on the runways of local fashion shows.Undergoing plans of a developing an empire, Inez  has jump into the beautification industry head first with no intention of looking back. Inez accredits much of her talent to her mentor and sister Charise Doe for giving her her first marcel iron set. Inez Doe's charisma and undeniable talents speaks volumes about this Fancii stylist!


900 E.COUNTYLINE RD. RIDGELAND, MS 39157   •   601-790-0297



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